AI Readiness Workshops

AI will lead to job losses! Nothing can be further from the truth. In the early 20th century, horsemen worried about the motor vehicle and yet this industry would go on to create thousands of new occupations that still subsist today.

AI offers several opportunities for organisations and individuals desiring to wrap their minds about this truly transformative technology on which fortunes will be made and lost. CAI conducts invite only workshops on the why, how, when and where of AI to you or your organisation.

Protection against Mind Hijack

It is an accepted fact that digital platforms wrongly used can negatively impact on our productivity as much as our personal wellness.  CAI has solutions for;

  • Digital distractions
  • Digital literacy
  • Cyber slacking

AI implementation Roadmaps 

This is medium to long-term hand holding support whereby our team and your talents co- design AI  roadmaps to drive efficiency and growth at your organisation.

Sustainable cities for Africa

The African city of the future will be defined by how it works and not how it looks. We are rethinking the notion of smart cities beyond paved highways, hotspots but as habitats for those who aspire for better and enriching lives.

CAI offers a myriad of systems for augment urban life. These include;

  • Public Assets and Infrastructure optimisation
  • Pollution monitoring
  • Waste management
  • Resident stress predictors
  • Crime management
  • Micro energy grid systems
  • Enterprise triggers

Accelerated Learning

Africa faces a huge educational complexity: 50% of school enrollments drop out before tertiary. The continent has the world’s youngest people with 200 million people aged between 15 and 24 most of whom lack the skills required of them to participate in 21st century economies. We have the following solutions to make 21st teaching and learning possible;

  • Mobile learning systems
  • Virtual reality Learning systems
  • Educational robots
  • Digital skilling for educators

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