Accelerated Learning

We all know that the purpose of education is for students to learn and in the future become useful members of the society.

True that but the question is, are students busy learning today’s world or are they learning for the future?

The 4th industrial economy has arrived and it is predicted that most of the occupations we have today will not exist 5 and 10 years from now. Machines will take over human occupations. Are we ready for a future that requires humans who will rise above the machine?

ACCLEARN prepares students for the 4th industrial economy.

ACCLEARN is an educational system that enables children of all ages to develop 21stcentury skills by using digital technologies and professionally prepared learning aids.

ACCLEARN enables children acquire critical skills such as creative thinking, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, project management, collaboration, science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

ACCLEARN consists of a Virtual reality learning headset that contains academic content relevant to the different phases of school that is; foundation, intermediate and senior.



ACCLEARN consists of an educational robot kit with which students can build and programme a variety of engineering contraptions to perform tasks like lifting objects, generate electricity, meter and measure resources, autonomous vehicles and anything design and engineering feat they may be interested in.

ACCLEARN future proofs children by equipping them with the critical skills required for people who will work in the fourth industrial economy.

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