CAI provides data and experiential platforms for use in AI deployments. Together with our international technology partners and local networks, we have capabilities to provide real time data aggregation services on assignment.

We are a special breed because we possess capabilities shaped by several years of applying the scientific method in the domain of technology.  CAI’s established standards of practice are dedicated to linking technological breakthroughs to solving real world problems.

With some of Africa’s finest technology experts on our associates roll, we ensure that practical knowledge and innovative solutions are transferred to our clients. Our solutions are reflected in increased productivity, enhanced customer service and improved business operations.

CAI research offerings include indepth studies in some of these areas;

  • Opportunity Identification
  • AI Readiness
  • Impact studies
  • System experimentation
  • Data aggregation
  • New Technology modelling

We go further than the above, as we look at the world through multiple lens of connected communities, engineering and human needs.