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Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CAI) enables governments and private companies ramp into the 4th industrial economy.

CAI harnesses African talents and computational science to design and implement Artificial intelligence (AI) systems aimed at transforming Africa’s unique challenges into opportunities for advancement.

We are using AI to deliver better lives for Africans and a better future for the continent. We are a team of innovators, scientists, technologists, activists and brave adventurers on a mission to appropriate good AI .

We are the experts who make AI work for Africa. In pursuit of this goal, we are everyday developing AI solutions for;

  • Education and Learning
  • Health and wellness
  • Food production
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Company growth


Dr. Allen Mutono (PhD) is a renowned technology entrepreneur and academic. He is a continentally recognised leader in the domain of technology innovation. He advises enterprises and public entities on technology transformation and innovation. He is the Chief Experience Officer at IALE Institute, an ICT Enterprise and Skills development company based in Johannesburg. Dr. Mutono is a published author and regularly contributes to academic journals. He undertakes research and advises post graduate students on their Doctoral or Masters journeys.