AFRICAI Webinar | Dec 20, 2023

We are pleased to announce that AFRICAI is organising another online seminar on AI for biomedical imaging.
The seminar will take place on Wednesday 20th December 2023, 15h00 to 16h30 Central African Time.  The Zoom meeting invite will be sent nearer the time.

Title: Design Thinking in AI: A Case Study of Graph Neural Networks in Neuroscience.

Speaker: Islem Rekik

Abstract: Have you ever wondered how the idea for a great paper you read came about? This seminar will provide an overview of leading GNN models in network neuroscience but from a design thinking perspective. Learn how to design novel methods, introduce pioneering concepts, and solve exciting problems.

Bio: Islem Rekik is the Director of the Brain And SIgnal Research and Analysis (BASIRA) laboratory ( and an Associate Professor at Imperial College London (Innovation Hub I-X). Together with BASIRA members, she conducted more than 90 cutting-edge research projects cross-pollinating AI and healthcare —with a sharp focus on brain imaging and neuroscience. She is also a co/chair/organizer of more than 25 international first-class conferences/workshops/competitions (e.g., Affordable AI 2021-22, Predictive AI 2018-2023, Machine Learning in Medical Imaging 2021-23, WILL competition 2021-23). In addition to her 150+ high-impact publications, she is a strong advocate of equity, inclusiveness and diversity in research. She is the former president of the Women in MICCAI (WiM) and the co-founder of the international RISE Network to Reinforce Inclusiveness & diverSity and Empower minority researchers in Low-Middle Income Countries (LMIC).

Motivation: To introduce the AFRICAI community to the concept of challenges in biomedical imaging, in particular those organised by the MICCAI conference, to encourage them to participate in these challenges or to organise new ones in the future.

Target Group: Students, researchers, clinicians from Africa and beyond.

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