Mashrou’ Leila 3rd album, Raasuk



Campaign launch date

October 2013


Mashrou' Leila (Music band)

Campaign results

$66,000 USD

Campaign statistics :

Of the 22,406 people who viewed Mashrou’ Leila’s Zoomaal page, only 543 people – 2.5 percent – made a contribution. The average contribution of Mashrou’ Leila fans, over $100 USD, is also much higher than the average fan can be expected to contribute to hear a band’s latest work.

Similar campaigns : 

Palestinian band Khalas launched an Indiegogo campaign in April, asking for $7,000 USD to cover the album’s production and distribution. They raised around $4,000 USD, and only about 5 percent of the band’s fanbase contributed.

Best practices

  • Coherent platform choice ;
  • Community and fan database mobilization ;

Crowdfunding Platform :