Location: Marrakesh, Morocco
Date: May 8-12, 2023

Get a paper ready for MICCAI 2024!


MICCAI 2024 will be the first MICCAI conference to be organized on the African continent. The organizing committee wishes to encourage talented young science and engineering Africa-based graduates to submit papers to MICCAI 2024.
The 1 st MICCAI/AFRICAI Summer school will tackle this objective, by offering to 30-40 Africa-based students support to boost their research projects and prepare a submission for the MICCAI 2024 conference.

Who can apply?

The summer school is open to all African students (permanently based in an African country), with at least an M.Sc. degree.
Preferably, the student should come with his/her own project and have access to African data, but this is not mandatory.

Contents overview

  • Morning sessions of presentation and analysis of accepted MICCAI papers by Senior researchers in the field of MICCAI.
  • Afternoon sessions of practical work on the students’ projects with mentors from the MICCAI community.
  • Specific sessions to practice the writing of each student’s MICCAI paper.

Hybrid Scheme

Following the ongoing pandemic, MICCAI 2024 will propose an attractive hybrid scheme (presential+online) that will highlight the benefits of in-person meetings (ca. 1500 participants) and maximise participation for those who may not be able, or will choose not, to travel (ca. 1000 participants). 

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